Western Kentucky University – Ogden College of Science & Engineering

About This Project


The 4-story, 82,500-square-foot facility features more than 30 labs for biology, chemistry, and physics and astronomy along with student advising offices, a 300-seat auditorium and the office suite for the Ogden College of Science and Engineering. The primarily labs-only facility is concrete construction, with sensitive equipment present on all floors necessitating high floor vibration controls. General classrooms, offices and other such storage spaces were to remain in Thompson Complex Center Wing (TCCW) which was renovated to address life safety issues, roof, and building systems. Labs for Chemistry and Biology were the top priority for the new facility. The new building replaced Thompson College North Wing, which closed in January 2014 and was razed in January 2015. In addition to research, teaching and lab space, the building includes student lounge/study areas on each floor that encourage collaborative learning. Awarded LEED Gold and the first educational laboratory building in the world to earn WELLv2 Gold Certification.




Bowling Green, KY

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