Wind-Resistant Design

SDG has designed many structures in Hurricane- and Tornado-prone regions and is familiar with the wind-borne debris requirements for structures in high-wind zones and resistive elements that can be incorporated in structural design. We have extensive experience with the Florida Building Code, including high-velocity hurricane zone requirements in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

SDG has been very involved in the rebuilding of the Mississippi Gulf Coast following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Projects include many essential facilities – schools and local community facilities which double as community storm-safe rooms designed and constructed to protect a large number of people. Two of these, D’iberville High School and Gulfport High School, were designed and constructed as the first FEMA 361 community hurricane-safe shelters following Hurricane Katrina.

We have experience designing projects with the hurricane wind requirements of the International Building Code, FEMA 55 – Coastal Construction Manual, hurricane and tornado wind requirements included in FEMA 361 – Design and Construction Guidance for Community Shelters, and ICC 500 – Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters.

SDG has also designed a number of FEMA 361 Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms for wind speeds of 200 and 250 mph.

Projects include: