Floor Vibration Studies

Floor vibrations are an important design consideration to ensure occupant comfort and prevent disruption or damage to sensitive equipment. SDG has worked with Dr. Brad Davis on numerous floor vibration projects including MRI’s, operating rooms, imaging equipment, and high powered microscopes.

Our scope of services collaborating with Dr. Davis includes the following:

  • Addressing potential vibration issues in new construction
  • Providing remedial measures for existing structures with vibration problems
  • Performing site surveys to ensure vibration levels do not exceed the tolerance limits for sensitive equipment
  • Vibration monitoring.

Dr. Davis is the owner and founder of Davis Structural Engineering and associate professor at the University of Kentucky. He completed his dissertation on floor vibrations under the supervision of Dr. Thomas M. Murray at Virginia Tech, who is widely considered the father of floor vibration engineering. Dr. Davis has 8 years of building design experience and 13 years of experience in structural vibration research and engineering. He has published over 20 papers on vibration and is co-author of AISC Design Guide 11, Vibration of Steel-Framed Structural Systems Due to Human Activity.