Tusculum Elementary School

About This Project


A new replacement elementary school on the back of the existing school property. The new school is an 800-student school for Pre-K through 4th grades, of approximately 90,000 square feet. The Library/Media Center is 4,190 sf. The kitchen area provides three meals and a snack daily, as nearly all of the students are considered needy. The existing school was demolished, except for the Gym/PE building. The new school is adjacent to the remaining Gym/PE building, but is separated from the existing by an expansion joint. The building is a one- and two-story facility with the two-story areas confined to the classroom wings. The school is constructed with loadbearing CMU walls. The floor slabs and roof decks are supported by steel bar joists spanning between CMU walls or steel beams.




Nashville, TN

K-12 Education