Mississippi State University (MSU) New Residence Hall

About This Project

A new 5-story, 160,163-square foot student housing facility with 412 single pod units, dining program, lounges, and more.

The new residence hall occupies the green space between Old Main and Ruby Hall, which was previously occupied by Suttle Hall. Construction begins December 2023 and is planned to be completed by fall 2025.

The new residence hall has a design unique to what currently exists on the MSU campus and is a mix of both traditional and community with single rooms in a pod-style community of 18, separated by gender. The single rooms funnel into a common bathroom hall with individual showers or toilet rooms with showers, and a common area at the end of each pod.

Also included are a dining hall and a storm shelter. The dining facility is open to all students on campus and the storm shelter will have enough space for the residents of the hall and maybe more.

The exterior of the hall resembles the Industrial Education Building, YMCA building, and Lee Hall to reflect on MSU’s architectural style.


2025 est.


Starkville, MS

Higher Education