Fort Stewart Barracks and Company Operations Facilities Complex (I and II)

About This Project

2007 / 2008

This design/build project includes the development of a new Brigade area within the Fort Stewart Cantonment Zone. The project includes 7, 48-soldier barracks buildings and 1, 3-unit Company Operations Facility spread throughout a 58-acre site.

The new 122,976-square foot Barracks Complex for approximately 336 Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel consists of 7, 3-story concrete buildings in a rectangular footprint with a brick-veneer with gabled metal roofs and a “Southern Coastal” design theme to give a residential feel. Each building has 8 living units per floor, housing a total of 48 soldiers. Each unit includes two private bedrooms and a common bathroom and kitchen dining areas. Fort Stewart is adapting components of this design into its new design standard for barracks buildings.

The Company Operations Facility consists of a 2-story, structural steel frame with brick facade and standing seam metal roof and encompasses approximately 85,995-square feet. The facility is designed to accommodate 3 existing and 1 future company. Design includes 3 arms vaults, 4 readiness modules, TA-50 Lockers, Administration area, and 2 covered lay-down areas.

The Phase II Barracks Complex added 2, 2-building clusters of 48-man barracks buildings, including common support spaces. Each building is 19,500 square feet and houses 48 soldiers. The complete project houses 192 soldiers in 4 barracks buildings totaling 78,000 square feet. The barracks are concrete structures with brick veneer and standing seam metal roofs.

Also included 3 Company Operations Facilities in a 35,264-square foot, structural steel framed building with brick veneer and standing seam metal roof.


2007 / 2008


Ft. Stewart, GA

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