Campbell County Memorial Hospital New Expansion and Renovations and Parking Garage

About This Project


The hospital project consists of a 3-story hospital tower addition which includes a new surgery department and patient care units, an expansion of the central plant facility, an elevated helipad structure, a stair and elevator addition to access the helipad, and renovation within the existing facility. Stair and elevator overruns are located on the tower roof. The hospital tower was designed for 3 additional floors. The new construction totals approximately 137,000 square feet including the helipad and powerhouse additions. The helipad structure, elevated walkways, and the stair/elevator addition include approximately 6,400 square feet.

The parking project consists of a 3-1/2 level, precast concrete parking structure with approximately 320 parking spaces. The parking structure footprint is approximately 250 feet by 130 feet with ramped bays on each side of the garage. There is more than 30 feet of relief across the footprint of the structure and as a result the parking garage was ‘built-into’ the hillside. Garage entrances are located at the second level of the garage near the southwest corner of the structure and at the bottom level of the garage at the north end of the structure. The garage is structured for one additional level.




Gillette, WY